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Quona Capital


  • SANDEEP Suryawanshi

    SANDEEP Suryawanshi

  • Ankur


    Nonfictions, start-ups, technology, life, psychology, finance..not in particular order. An early member at Capital Float.

  • Brad Jones

    Brad Jones

    CEO of Wave Money in Myanmar, a joint venture mobile money and fintech company owned by Telenor Group, First Myanmar Investments and Yoma Bank.

  • Mathias Léopoldie

    Mathias Léopoldie

    CEO and founder at Julaya #mobilemoney #AfricaTech #fintech

  • Dan Martins

    Dan Martins

    Chief Product Officer @azimo — previously @intercom, @microsoft, @nokia

  • Patrick Connelly

    Patrick Connelly

  • Johan Bosini

    Johan Bosini

  • Alexander Verbeek

    Alexander Verbeek

    Writer and public speaker on the beauty and fragility of nature. Please support my writing by joining Medium (affiliate link).

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