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  • Financial Venture Studio

    Financial Venture Studio

    Building the future of financial services. Want to join us? Get in touch: finventurestudio.com

  • Fran Seegull

    Fran Seegull

    Executive Director, U.S. Impact Investing Alliance

  • Monese


    100% mobile award-winning mobile money account. Our tech enables people to travel, live and work freely, anywhere in the world. monese.com

  • Calvert Impact Capital

    Calvert Impact Capital

    Calvert Impact Capital enables people to invest for social and environmental good. Follow to learn how you can impact the world with your dollars.

  • Bain Capital Ventures

    Bain Capital Ventures

    30+ years of partnering with disruptive B2B founders to accelerate their ideas to market.

  • Rishabh Khosla

    Rishabh Khosla

    Country Head at Shortlist, India β€” killing the CV and re-inventing hiring

  • Social Finance UK

    Social Finance UK

    We combine social and financial insight to help our partners make a difference to enduring problems β€” where outcomes are poor and costs of failure high.

  • Bitsoko Services

    Bitsoko Services

    open source software and hardware services for micro, small and medium enterprises πŸ–±-bitsoko.org 🌍-Africa πŸ”—-0xb726......0e67b

  • Kathleen Yaworsky

    Kathleen Yaworsky

    Currently #fintech & #digitalfinance @accion. @FletcherSchool mafia. RPCV Ukraine. Inclusive growth & int'l development. Adventurer. Traveler. Global Citizen.

  • Michael Schlein

    Michael Schlein

    President and CEO, @Accion. Harnessing the power of fintech and impact investing to advance financial inclusion and improve lives. www.linkedin.com/in/mschlein/

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